Finance Words Are Powerful Seeds Planted in Our Minds

Words are powerful for good or for bad. Whether spoken or written, it has the capacity to heal our body, mind and soul.That is, if we choose our words carefully, constructively, and thoughtfully.It eventually brings about peace, happiness, unity and progress to us, our family, community, state or nation.Positive words are powerful seeds in action, planted in our minds. These words heal our world, sooth our balms, comfort those who are in low and high spirits. It is godly, it is universal, and it is humanitarian.The holy book makes it clear that the power of life and dead is in the tongue. This is very, very true.

On the other hand, words thoughtlessly and carelessly chosen and spread also have the capacity to cause havoc. Karmic law of sowing and reaping in action here, you know.Our five senses are windows through which impressions come into our minds.But, it is our duty to take a good look at these impressions. Use our knowledge, skill, maturity, and experience to analyze them.We could discard some of the impressions that do not agree with our mindset and accept or retain others.This is where words as powerful seeds are planted in our minds and with time will slip into our subconscious minds.Our subconscious minds only hear go, not come. Please, do not laugh, only smile. The subconscious mind is unlimited and is linked to the cosmic in it manifestations.Therefore, it is most likely that what is allowed by the mind to go into the subconscious mind will come to reality eventually, good or bad.We make decisions every minute of the day. Some of the decisions dwell on what to wear, where to go, what to eat, what to drink, who to go into relationships with, when to get married and when to divorce.Others could dwell on job, becoming a writer, business, social outing, cars, travelling, education, finance, etc.

I have observed that if I think negative words, especially while falling asleep in the night or during waking hours in the morning, it is not good for my activities that day.It is most likely to accept my mood, make me a little intolerant, snobbish, and my words and deeds may likely be negative. But, I have the power to choose what and how I think.But, each time I strive to be positive in thought, words and deeds, my activities for that day looks good.It is not easy my beloved to maintain a positive outlook in the days, weeks, months and even years ahead. Pretty difficult, but doable.